2 sides


I think I’m one of those people who gets something in their mind, and then that’s it. Its gospel. And then, I’m promptly proven wrong. I’ve been lucky. I’ve gotten to live 2 sides of a very hotly debated topic. Is it better to be a stay at home mom or a working mom? I was a stay at home mom for 6 years. I’ve been a working mom for 2 years. I’m going to consider myself knowledgeable on both topics. For those who have not done both, they are equally challenging. Each with its own very unique challenges. But there’s one thing that is the same. And that’s my love for my kids. When we decided that I would go back to work and Andy would come home for awhile, I was torn. True to keeping it real, I though it would be detrimental to my kids for me to go to work. Because after all, my way at home, was the right way, the only way. I didn’t think anyone could do it better. But we decided at the time, it was what was best for our family. Now that I’ve been back to work for 2 years, I’m ashamed at my prior stance. My kids are getting special years with their dad. And honestly, I’m jealous. I didn’t get 1/8th of the time with my dad that my kids are getting. And I’m going to admit something. Andy can do the girl’s hair better than I can. He may not appreciate me putting that out there – but its the truth. Any way you look at it, being a mom is hard. Your the family’s glue. Whether your at work or your at home. And that, I can attest to. You set the tone of the family.

I don’t know why we get these ideas in our heads that make us think we’re better than others because of the choices we make. When push comes to shove – every one’s family is different. Some things work beautifully for one family and just don’t work for others. Its that simple. I’m going to implore you to cut your fellow mothers, whether working or stay at home, some slack. We all love our kids, we all want whats best for them, and we all work harder than we ever thought , whether that be at home or elsewhere, for those we’d give our life.

Well that was simple enough to solve.

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  1. Karen says:

    kind of like how we all used to say, “my kids will never do___________”?

    Live and learn.


  2. Cristina says:

    I hope you aren't getting flack for being a working mom. Of course, you are a wonderful MOM! I'm trying to convince a friend of mine this is the way to go. She is pregnant with her first and makes 3 times more than her hubby. heehee…you are an example in all sorts of ways! ☺

    Besides, how many of us stay-at-homers wish we could go to a job in the adult world once or twice a week?!


  3. Yay….you're blogging again!


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