Man, 2 days stuck in the house due to a nice little snow storm and I was ready to venture out. Granted, I had no choice, I did have to go to work, but still. I bundled it up and drove my 28 year old little white Toyota Camry to work. That car is my baby. I seriously didn’t know you could love a car. Let a lone a 28 year old one. But I do. Andy and I bought it the first year we got married. Its been paid off for over 10 years, and been to Wyoming and back. This wasn’t going to be a post about my love for my car. Moving on.

I had an awful run today. I could not get there mentally. All my little self pep talk tricks were not working. For starters, I was stuck on the treadmill at work. I started my whole little running career on the treadmill, and now, I can barely handle it. I have a window to look out of. I guess I shouldn’t complain. There is this big field and then some apartments in the distance. Great view, I know. (sarcasm font). And most of the time, I try to focus on this flag pole in front of the apartments, and zone out to the music. But today, it wasn’t working. Just white everywhere. I had to walk a minute a couple of times, just so I could get through. And then I quit 5 minutes early. Ugh. Did I just say that out loud? Never good to say you quit. I did not finish strong. And to top it allll off, as I got into the shower, I noticed the water was not getting warm. So I stood there for 3 minutes, still not warm. I was sweaty and still had half a day to go. So I plunged under and back out enough times to soap down and rinse off. Lets move on. again.

So Rene’s bday is next week. But the big party is Saturday night. Just a bunch of family members. But she doesn’t know any different, yet. So this afternoon, it hits me. Its Thursday. I have 2 days, to pull off a birthday party. Uh Oh. Panic sets in. What in the world did I do on my 2 days off due to snow, you might ask? I can’t really remember. There was lots of sleeping and eating.

Whew. Thursday, I bid you adieu.

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