Rene’ turns 4

We celebrated this little one’s 4th birthday this weekend. I can not believe my youngest is 4. I feel like I barely remember her “babyhood” and it makes me sad, yet I am so loving having conversations with her.
Andy’s parents in are in town from Colorado and we had a nice family party with grandparents, cousins, and aunts. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.
I believe family is the most complicated of relationships to navigate in this world. You are bound to people by blood, and shared experiences maintain the bond. But here’s the hard part. Its not always pleasant. We get older, become our own person, and don’t always share the same ideas. And then we get mad because they don’t. Yet I looked around the room and saw people who I’m not always happy with, and have no doubt made my angry, there to support and love my child. I love that my girls feel comfortable on my husband’s aunt’s lap, while listening to a story. I love that my kids were making memories with their cousins, playing with all of the new birthday toys. I love scooping up a random kid running by, who is not necessarily my own, and giving them kisses, only to set them down as they run off squealing. I love that the people in the room, have seen me at my worst, yet still love me, despite my character flaws. And I hope that I can remember to show the the grace, that I know they show me when I’m less than tolerable.
Family is an amazing thing. Lets not take it for granted.
Happy 4th Birthday Rene’! Your mom loves you.

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  1. Cristina says:

    WOW….how time flies! She is getting so big! Glad you had a fun party.


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