I started my day off by sneaking out of a sleeping house at 7am for a 5 mile run with my neighbor, Jen. I think our love of running was found together. One day, we were standing out in our front lawns talking, and I had known that she had started running, as had I. So I just threw out – hey, want to run a half marathon? She shrugged her shoulders and said “sure”. And that was the start of many 5am training runs. It was so great to share that experience of training and running 13.1 miles with her. Something that I know we both won’t forget. She has since quickly passed me in speed and physical fitness, and our busy schedules don’t lend for too many runs together these days. There is something you can’t describe about moments spent, in the early morning fog, catching up with a friend, between quick breaths. Its more than just having coffee, or dinner together. There’s a bit of an unspoken bond. If you’ve never experienced it, I suggest you put that on your bucket list.

Then, as we were walking back to our houses, after our cool down, I ran into Andy with the van full of pajama clad, sleepy eyed kids who were off to pick up donuts.

My perfect Saturday morning. A run, donuts, and the people in my life I love.

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