Life (sigh)


I apologize for the late post. Its amazing how life just continues on. Sometimes, I’m ahead of the game, ready for whatever comes my way. Other times, like the past week, I feel like its dragging me behind it, while I frantically try to catch up.

I went to one of my dearest friend’s mom’s funeral today. She fought a long hard battle with cancer. I have very fond memories of her mom. She was the mom who loaded up her van at all hours of the night to go TPing with a bunch of middle school giggly girls. There was always food galore (I remember the cakes for some reason) when we would go to her house. Sweet, sweet woman. I felt terribly for my friend. Its so hard to sit back and watch someone you love be in pain over something you can not fix for them. But there’s also something to be said for mourning together. I sat on that pew in the church with 5 of my closest friends and my mom. We all grew up together from those early middle school days, and have remained close friends. Those are my “go to girls”. If I needed anything, I know they’d be there in a heartbeat, with outstretched arms, or a reality check. Whichever was necessary, maybe even both. Those are the best friends to have, and I think they’re few and far between.

And what is so terrible, is that I just looked for a picture of all of us together to post here, and I can’t find one. I’m putting that on the to do list. And I’ll come back and post it.

Be thankful for your friends people. Good ones are few and far between.

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  1. Karen says:

    I've felt burdened for her loss, too. Even this far away, this many years between us.

    I'm finding this to be a strange phase of life. Everyone gets married around the same time, have babies around the same time, and now the commonalities aren't so pleasant anymore–marriages are ending, parents that seem ageless and eternal are falling ill and dying. It's hard.


  2. I don't know your friend or her mom but I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

    I hate cancer…I absolutely hate what it steals from people.


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