I’ve made it no secret that I’m a girl who needs her sleep. Being a morning person, I’m lucky if I make it until 10:00pm. And honestly, if I don’t get my sleep, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be around me. I’m short tempered, snippy, and an all around unpleasant person. I can feel it when it comes on, and as an adult, I try to recognize it and get myself either a nap, or to bed altogether.

So, in the spirit of self learning, you would think I could recognize this in my children, and make the necessary adjustments. After all, they have half of my DNA.


I knew when i came home this evening, after I looked at Rene’ wrong and she gave me a dirty look, that it just might be a long evening. Andy was quick to let me know she didn’t get a good nap. Again, that should have been my 2nd clue. The rest of the evening entailed small fits, lots of crying, and a spanking. And in hindsight, I should have put her to bed at 6:30. I asked myself, as I walked out of her room, after putting her to bed “Why do I constantly make the same mistake over, and over?” One of my friends made a comment I have never forgotten. “Sometimes our kids are just begging us to save them from themselves”. Tonight was one of those nights. I’m promising myself, no matter what the evening’s plans entail, if I see any of the above mentioned clues, I’m going to take action. For the sake of us all, especially the one needing sleep.

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