Croissant French Toast with Fresh Strawberries

This is one of my all time favorites. Its out of Southern Living magazine, and what isn’t fabulous out of that magazine????
First of all, you must start with the most skilled kitchen helpers around. They must be fresh out of bed and in their pajamas

Then you take your large croissants and slice them in half. Whisk together 3/4 C milk, 2 large eggs, and 1 tsp of vanilla. The girls and I have this thing with vanilla. It absolutely can not be imitation. And we always, always take a big sniff and “ahhhhhhh” before we use it. Its like our pregame ritual. Then you melt some butter on your skillet, dip the croissants in your milk/egg/vanilla mixture on both sides, and brown. Then top with your sliced fresh strawberries that have been in the refrigerator overnight with 1/2 c of sugar. You could also top with whipped cream, but we went with powdered sugar. And here is my oh so NOT Pioneer Woman photo of our finished product. But this, with coffee and the Sunday morning paper…..bliss. Except watch it, you might get caught up in the bliss and be late for church…just sayin.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Mmmmmmm…can't wait to try!


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