I’m comfortable at my 6 speed on the treadmill. Its an easy 10 min mile. I like most things in my life comfortable. But the truth is, you just don’t grow as a person when you are not comfortable. I’ve got Corporate Challenge coming up in June. Its where a lot of the big corporate companies get together and compete in athletic events. I’m going to participate in a relay. Now, as soon as I found out I was on the team, I immediately tried to call a 100 meter leg. But then after the secondary email came out, stating that someone was going to have to take the 400m leg, I started thinking. I have the endurance. But I’m slow. I’m comfortable. You can’t run one lap around the track in a relay at a 10 minute pace. So today, I got on the treadmill, and decided to push myself. I ran 10 minutes at a litte under 10 min pace. Then every 2 minutes I ran harder, until I was running an 8 min mile pace, every minute. And surprisingly, I was tired, but I wasn’t dying. Thats when I knew, I should take the 400m leg and push myself. I went back to my desk, emailed the team captain, and said I’d take it. So now, in order to not embarrass myself, or my team, I’ve got to get uncomfortable, and train hard to get faster. In 2 weeks. I’ll let you make your own life application, because there are too many to list.

Here goes nothing.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Way to go for it! I am cheering you on!


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