Its the weekend


Its the weekend and look at me!! I’m blogging!!! To the air I’m sure. And that is ok with my. My faithful readers have given up on me. My apologies. This was always my outlet. So if its just me and the keys of my computer, or 1000 people, its still serves the same purpose.

Today was the first day of soccer. I never played soccer. Its interesting to me that my kids want to. The real reason I never played soccer was because I hated to run. Funny, huh. I’ve said before that I used to hate it. Its true. This is Carson’s 3rd year playing soccer. We play in the recreational church league. The kids learn the game, and for the most part, there aren’t psycho push parents. (I was told by my husband today to stop yelling and jumping up and down). The past 2 years for Zak have been being on a team that is lucky to win a couple of games the entire season. He’s usually one who hangs back and doesn’t care necessarily about getting in on the action. Its hard for his competitive mom to watch. But I’ve learned. Well, today was different. After 2 years of hanging back, that boy took control today and scored 3 goals. He had not made one goal in 2 years in a game. And 3 today!!!! That’s what triggered the jumping up and down and yelling by me. I was so stinking proud of him. I have 3 theories on today’s game. #1, its just finally clicked and he just figured it all out. #2, its because they changed the age brackets for his division and he’s now at the same level as everyone else. Or #3, he had just sat and watched his younger sister, Paige tear it up in her game.

Its Paige’s first year to play, and after the first practice, I knew she was of my DNA. She hustled, and wanted to be in on the action. She scored 3 goals in her game as well. It was a good day for our fam when it came to soccer.

So I had to learn a little lesson today. I had already counted Zak out. I just figured he wasn’t going to be that athlete that was aggressive, took control, and played hard. Its hard to admit I counted him out, but I did. He showed me.

How many times do we count people out, without giving them time to go at their own pace, and then show what they’ve got?

Happy Weekend.

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  1. thewrightblessings says:

    Yeah for Shirola soccer! Sounds like First Pres soccer that Emma did for several years. It was great! Then last year we did leaugue soccer and she lost interest! The parents were intense as well as the kids. I can't believe the pressure parents put on elementary kids. Whatever happened to just being a kid?!


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