You know its bad when they’ve changed the layout of the entire blog website.

Sooooooooo.  How’s it going?  crickets………

I won’t bore you with all the millions of reasons as to why the poor blog has been neglected.  Lets just move on.  Get past it.  And jump right into …FALL!!!

So this week at school, the kids have “Book Character Day”.  I’m pretty sure the idea is that they get to wear their halloween costumes besides just trick or treating.  If you do that kind of thing.  But not for my kids.  Not only are their halloween costumes, not from a book, but they were having no part of me trying to work them into book character day.  So I got to come up with not 3 costumes, but 6.  So we’ve got Fancy Nancy, Amelia Bedilia, and Frank Hardy.  Then we’re going to have twin kittens, and the tin man.  It should be adorable, if I can just pull it all off, and I’ll be sure to post pictures….for the crickets.  Ha!

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