A cold shower


I am a self proclaimed morning person.  But it really is true.  So if I decide to get up at 445 in the morning, and work out, its hard, but I can do it.  Then people say things like “your so crazy, how can you do that?”  But to put it in perspective, if you asked me to go take a run at 8:30 at night, I’d think you were crazy, because I really need to be in bed around 9:15. 

So I got up at 440 this morning, to head to work to do some interval work on the treadmill.  I love the fact that barely anyone is up, but I am.  That is one motivation for me to get up early.  Its that hour or so that it is literally just me, before the world wakes up.  So I join a select few in the fitness center for some sweat and introspection.  I was successful in pushing myself, which doesn’t always happen, so it was a good workout.  Now when you finish a good workout, the shower is something you really look forward to.  And I’m ok with showering in a locker room.  I have all my stuff, and my flip flops, so I’m good.  Now today, I get in my fav shower, and realize, the water is not getting warm.  Now our showers at work have been known to not have hot water – and its happened to me at lunch before.   But I”m able to take a half shower then – a jump under, jump out, soap up, jump back under kindof thing.  But that is not possible when I am needing to shampoo my hair.  So I took a deep breath, jumped under, and got it done.

Now that is not my idea of a good start to my morning.  Even a morning person has a hard time getting up at 440am, for the record.  But it was the start to my Wednesday.  I don’t know about you, but maybe, sometimes we need that cold shower, just to shake us up a bit.  I’ve had my turn.  Tomorrow, its a nice warm shower at home.

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