The back porch


When my days are full of people, meetings, instant messages, texts, and everyone needing something now from me, an evening in the back porch is my “Red Bull”. While I dream of a backyard with some sort of water feature, a palette of flowers, and a comfy, all weather lounge chair, I really have just a rod iron table and bouncy chair, a grill, and a lavender plant that has begged to be watered in the 100* heat. But once the sun is just a rose colored memory, I sit. And enjoy the locusts, the hum of the air conditioner that is working overtime, and the frogs who are looking for dinner. There is something to be said for quiet. I don’t get to experience it enough. Or I’m too busy to grab it when I see it. There is nothing more I like about summer than sitting on the back porch and looking into the night sky. And wondering if the star light I see is from a star that is but a memory now.

U’ll take it over a can of Red Bull any day.

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