Charlotte’s Web is such a sweet endearing story for children.  I’m sure the author wrote it so we would all love spiders.

My great uncle got bit by a fiddle back last year.  Sidebar: one time, one of my kids called him Aunt Lewis and now we all call him Aunt Lewis.  I love it.  Anyway, it was in his bed.  Bit him in the chest, caused all kinds of problems and took months to heal.  It was a scary ordeal. They live on a farm.  But still.  Made me just a little creeped out.  Now my husband, on the other hand, he is the king of looking for spiders.  Even before the fiddle back incident.  If someone yells “spider, a big one!” in my house, he comes running with his flashlight to analyze the kind and how dangerous it is to us.  We get a lesson on the type of web the spider makes and its distinct features. Most of the time, its the small house spider, that eats the ants.  We keep those. Those blasted ants!  I can’t get rid of them in the summer! The wolf spiders, I can’t handle those so they get the big stomp.  But if we find a fiddle back or a black widow, the day is shot.  He will be in the garage, mixing up the bug killer, and won’t stop till the mission is complete.  Yesterday was one of those days.  He found a black widow while doing yard work.  And it was a mama  that has a belly full of babies I’m sure.  And at our house, if you get caught, and your worthy, your final resting place is the freezer.  Right next to the rattlesnake skin, and the brown recluses in a jar.  That’s where this one ended up.  Once he froze a large tick.  Got him out of the jar to give his science lesson to the kids, and once it warmed up that tick started moving.  I kid you not.  We no longer freeze ticks.

So I guess maybe, once the middle school science fair rolls around, we’ll pull her out and see if she recovers.
I never liked Charlotte’s Web.  Its sad.  

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