Power Tools and a little Patience

You know those people, who actually make the things that are posted on Pinterest?  I am not one of them.  I so desperately would love to be one of them.  But you know how God passes out talents?  I didn’t get that one.  Now if you need me to create a budget spreadsheet, I’m your woman.  I will have formulas all over that excel spreadsheet, and make sure it ticks and ties, and looks pretty too.  And I’ll actually have fun doing it.  Its how the world goes round.

You know how you marry the person who is your opposite?  Yeah, I did that.  When I need something done, I need it done, like now. He doesn’t seem to get that.  Gasp!  So when I asked him to build me a flower box to put on my fence, because I was tired of looking at the fence, I knew he’d do it and do an amazing job.  I’d just be waiting on it.  And I did.  But it was worth the wait.  He made me this super cute cedar window box.  And he even bought me fresh herbs to put in it.  And I used them for dinner tonight!  It was a Martha moment.

Shout out to the man who is amazing with the power tools, has taught me patience (well, its a process), and happens to be my husband.  I love my handmade cedar window box!

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