Pocket candy


It’s all about the shopping experience, if you ask me. I need a clean bright store to motivate me to trudge up and down aisles making my purchases. I like the instrumental music playing pop songs so I can entertain myself with a game of name that tune. 

I loathe Wally World. It’s no secret. But I also try to get the most for my money. So that means I must take one for the team and go. Recently they built a neighborhood Wally World nearby which is much more tolerable. I need to get in and out of places quick. This is important. Neighborhood stores are much more conducive to this than super centers. And here is another tip I’ll give you. If you go early, it’s just you and the senior citizens. 

Today was a morning trip to the Neighborhood grocery. And it was the usual crowd of sweet little elderly couples doing their grocery shopping. But today, there was this little old man who came up to us and with a big smile and no words he handed us both a piece of candy. Neely and I smiled and thanked him and walked off talking about how cute it was. We’d see him sporadically walking the store, randomly pulling out a piece of candy from his pocket and passing it along to an unsuspecting shopper.   As we were checking out, he met up with his wife who had finished her shopping and they left the store hand in hand.  He was still passing out candy in the parking lot. 
It made me think on the drive home how I missed my grandad who left this world when I was in high school.  How it’s the little things that can make others smile. And how he probably got a kick out of passing out that candy to the cranky teenager gathering the carts in the parking lot. When I’m 85 and doing my early morning grocery run at the neighborhood market, I am totally filling my pockets and passing out candy. 

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