Thank you October in July


The weather this past weekend was un-believable.  In July the norm is 100+ degree temps.  I think its one of the reasons I really could pass on summer.  Well, I take that back.  A month would be nice.  Then I’ll take the gradual cooling fall brings.

So the mid morning 60’s prompted our clan to head out to the lake to do what we love to do.  Be outside.  Its like my perfect weather.   We all have your perfect weather, you know.  Where you walk outside and are like, now this is an amazingly beautiful day.  Andy and I strapped on the running shoes while the kids took their bikes for a long spin.

Once we settled into our running rhythm, we found ourselves plotting for the future.  It wasn’t planned.  I don’t like to talk when I run.  I need to focus on my breathing! But we discussed our short term goals, our long term goals, our dreams.  It became a very deep marital conversation.  I don’t know about you but sometimes, we just need to pull over, reassess the route, and maybe go to the bathroom and grab a snack for the road.  That’s kind of what we did.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.  We assessed what we love, what we want to be important, and what was creeping in that wasn’t important.  Running without your ear buds in can do this to you.  You get all philosophical on yourselves.  It was a rare, but needed shutting out the noise and focus, kind of activity.  Now, had we not had that 60+ degree weather, I would not have done that!  We all ended up back where we started,  parking the bikes, sitting by the water, and watching the kayaks glide.  It was a perfect morning.

When is the last time you shut out the noise and reassessed your route?  Are you headed in the direction you want to go?  Lace up the shoes, leave the ear buds on the counter, enjoy the weather, and check the map.  If  you don’t run, then metaphorically speaking, of course.

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