I’m Bloglovin


It amazes me how things can become addictive.  Smart phones, those sweet potato chips from Sam’s Club, Sparkling Ice drinks in the flavor of black raspberry, BLOGS!  I used to be a real blog junkie.  I don’t know how I found the time.  I had every blog I liked reading, bookmarked on my computer and I’d go to each one every day and click on all my bookmarks, searching for a new post.  Then I went back to work full-time, ran out of free time, and lost touch with all my blog friends.  But now I’m back!  And there is this new thing, of course.  I learned about it from my hair stylist.  Not only do I get a fabulous refresh of my hair, I get all kinds of really important information!

Its called Bloglovin  You create a profile, find all the blogs you like to follow and  when you log in, there are all the new blog posts from your favorite blogs right there for your easy reading pleasure.  No more clicking your 100 bookmarks!  I do believe it has revolutionized my life.  The Pioneer Woman, Mile Markers, Life at 7000 Feet, Tales from the Skymom, a few of my must reads, – all in one place.  And bonus….Just Finish Strong is there too!!  So follow me on Bloglovin!

Happy Bloglovin!

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  1. How sweet are you to mention ME?!? Thanks, girl. I'm glad to see you blogging again.
    I've never checked out BlogLovin'…I use Feedly!


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