Monday Top 10


One of my favorite coworkers/friends from my old corporate life is Jen.  We used to get each other through the workday with nonsense banter.  Now that I’m not exactly in the corporate world anymore, we do some catching up via email with the top 10.  This was a favorite of ours.  Its a great way to impart a plethora of information in the form of a list, which makes you keep it to a summary.  We still do the weekly top 10.  So today you get a taste of my weekly top 10.

  1. I dropped my phone in the bathtub yesterday.  I now have to answer it on speakerphone in order to hear anyone.  So if your calling me, you’ve been forewarned that our conversation is being shared with anyone in a 100ft radius of me.
  2. There was this terrible random strong wind over the weekend that completely lifted my entire patio table, umbrella, and umbrella stand off my patio.  My umbrella is now broken.  Now I can no longer have coffee/breakfast under my umbrella on my back porch.  Its a sad day…
  3. Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice, I heart you.
  4. I had crepes over the weekend, compliments of a good friend.  I’ve now had them 3 more times since she made them.  I’m going to make up crepe recipes all week long.  Look out family.  Its crepe week.
  5. I love the anticipation of the new school year starting.  There is just excitement in the air!  But I’m also not a teacher.  For a reason.  Good luck teachers!  You’re the best!
  6. We really really want a dog at our house.  All of us, of course, except Andy.  But if anyone has a border collie puppy for sale, if I bring it home, I think we can convince him.
  7. I’m just waiting for Sept 1 to come around so I can bust out all my fall decor.  Its still 100+ degrees here but I’m sometimes one to buck the system.  When it comes to fall decor, I don’t mess around.
  8. I need a good fiction book to read.  I want nothing trashy, or self help.  Just a good story.  Ideas?
  9. Coffee.  I need coffee.  All. Day. Long. Today.
  10. I’m stuck at 9.  Sometimes that happens.
Ok. Your turn.

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