The cold hard facts.


I have to face it.  I am not the twenty something that I still think I am, in my head of course.

This first realization happened last year, when a few office coworkers were discussing earphone options.  I chimed in recommending the ever so popular “Dr. Dre Beats”.  I was quickly corrected by my younger coworker, with a smirk and and eye roll that they were called “Beats by Dre”.  I had that flashback of when my mom would try to give her two cents in my conversations with my friends and embarrass me.  I am my mother now.

My new part time gig at the local University has me planning events.  Its right up my alley.  I love to be in the center of everything.  (Although I should obviously do my research if I’m going to be in the center of a conversation with young people and make purchase recommendations)  So it was a big weekend of welcoming new freshmen onto the campus for their first year, and also welcoming our Alumni Board for their Alumni Board Retreat.  Which meant 4 days of up early and to bed late.  Everything in between included, but wasn’t limited to, hauling large items across campus, taking down large tents, and lots and lots of set up/tear down.

Now I am the first one up in the morning, happy to get the coffee brewing for the rest of the world to wake up to, but come mid afternoon, early evening, my energy wains.  But I had to muster up a second wind somewhere, and I did. 4 days of this pace, to the girl who has lounged around all summer long, doing nothing on a time schedule, was a bit of a wake up call.  I found myself longing for a dark room and my bed at 9pm every night.

Its a sad day when you remember those college students you just welcomed on campus have all but started their evening while you crawl into your bed.  I’m pretty sure college days were the absolute  most fun days of my life, where I had little responsibility or awareness for all things adult.  As I laid in bed at 9:05pm, it made me a little sad those days were long gone for me.  My last thoughts for the day were how thankful I was to have had them, and that I didn’t have to wear shower shoes in the shower every day and in all honesty, getting old isn’t that bad.

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