Back to School Week!


Its back to school week here.  We made it.  And when I say we made it, I mean by the skin of our teeth we made it.  I had this great idea that I was going to taper bedtime before school started so my kids would be these completely well adjusted children, where they bounded out of bed, ready to begin their day at school.  All these great breakfast menus were planned…I had it all worked out.  This mom was getting the Back to School mom of the month award.  How does the saying go?  The best laid plans, something something something.  That something that I can’t remember has to do with how stupid you are to make grand plans because they most likely won’t pan out.  People come up with sayings, because they really are true.  Or wait, that just might be scripture.  I need to look that one up.  And we all know if God said it….

The kids did bounce out of bed.  Day one and two.  But by day three, no one was as chipper.  I forgot half the ingredients at the store for my amazing back to school breakfasts, so they were stuck with cereal.  I was coming off a crazy weekend of work and could not find my mojo anywhere.  So we just muddled through.  Back to school is like New Years for me.  I like to make all these goals for myself for the new year.  Like I’m going to not lose track of what note came from what teacher, and I’m going to buy the yearbook before the earlybird price expires.  And I am not going to let that snack bucket surprise me this year.  I’ll still keep the goals, I might get derailed, but hey, as long as I finish strong, right?

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  1. This made me laugh…so hard to find that school-week groove. Especially in AUGUST! However, it's now September and I still haven't found mine. 🙂


  2. And it always looks like I leave you double comments. I'm so sorry–I don't know what I'm doing wrong!


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