There is something about grandparents that is special. And I’m not lying when I say my grandmother, aka GeeGee is seriously the best grandma ever. 

GeeGee is special for many reasons. It would be a very long blogpost if I were to list them all. She is 95 years old. She still fixes herself a well balanced breakfast every morning, prune included. She walks up and down the street for her exercise, and drives herself, fast I might add, to the beauty shop every Saturday. She writes everything down. And when I say everything, I mean everything. She said to me today, “honey did you know it was 6 years ago today you had an interview with such and such company?” She knew this because she had written it down on her calendar. She transfers events to her new calendar every year. She gives my children a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter every week and has done this since they were very small. She used to make the absolute best fried okra. Before birthdays we always receive a card with money in an envelope that is adorned with many stickers. And we need to make mention of each of them lest she point them out. She loves to tell me what pictures I need to be taking at every family function. And she always has tabs on everyone. But when she doesn’t she will say “well where is so and so????” Very concerned. The answer is always “in the bathroom geegee”
I love her so much. She is beautiful, a prayer warrior, who has called my name before The Father probably more times than I could imagine, and I am so very, very blessed to call her my GeeGee. 

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