I prefer the term "butter"

I don’t claim expertise in any area of food, other than taste.  And my taste expertise tells me that its imperative to use butter.  Not margarine.  Ever. Except in Texas Sheet Cake.  But that is the one and only time.  So if you learn anything from me – anytime  you see the word margarine – you substitute it with butter.  No second thoughts, no looking back. If you have some in your refrigerator, go grab it and throw it out.  I promise you’ll thank me.  Here’s a secret.  I grew up on margarine….  They say the body can heal itself of anything, so I am believing all my running has purged my body of any remnants of chemical laden margarine.  I’m joking.  Love you mom! That was a rant.  I’m not even talking about butter in this post.

You can call them “butter beans” or you can call them “lima beans”.  I prefer the term “butter beans”.  So I am going to share with you yet another salad recipe I love to stock my lunch box with.  I grabbed this one from Runner’s World magazine a few years ago and its a staple.  3 out of 5 of my family members approve.  And its perfect for runners with lots of iron, which helps transport oxygen to your muscles.

Now one other thing I need to tell you, that will most likely revolutionize your meals.  If you eat things in pretty dishes, they taste even better.  Like my absolute favorite pink glass dessert dishes I inherited from GeeGee.  This is a trick I learned a few years ago.  Your welcome.

Butter Bean Salad

2 cups cooked lima beans
1 red pepper diced
1/4 cup of sliced black olives (sometimes I get crazy and do 1/2 cup because I love olives)
2 Tbsp olive oil
crumbled feta cheese to your liking
salt and pepper to your liking as well.

May your pretty dishes be used often!

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