Halloween recap

I’ve already discussed my non love for Halloween.  I really don’t like going to the grocery store and having the guy behind the meat counter serve me with his face painted like he is bleeding. (Thanks Sprouts meat counter guy.)  But really, we always have a good time.  Once I have gotten past putting together the costumes.  Our Halloween celebration consists of “Happy Halloween” activities.    Like pumpkin carving, trick or treating, and s’mores.

I decided to do a Halloween recap, simply because we did something on the fly that revolutionized our pumpkin carving forever.  Our kids always want to carve pumpkins.  And it usually involves a lot of tools, some really complicated templates, and a huge mess.  Its not my favorite thing to do because lets be honest, the ones who end up carving the pumpkin with the complicated templates are the adults.  Because sometimes I’m a slacker, we could only fit pumpkin carving into a 2 hour window the day of Halloween.  I looked high and low for one of the 3 pumpkin carving kits I had bought on sale last year.   They are no where.  I’m going to give props where props are due – Pinterest saved me this year.  I saw some super cute pumpkins that had pictures drilled into them. All it involves is a drill and a whole lot of drill bits.  PERFECT!  We have all those!  So our drilled out pumpkin commenced.  In 40 minutes flat, we had a super cute carved/drilled pumpkin, in my opinion.  And the bonus was that my kids got to work on their power tool skills.

And this is our cousin trick or treating crew with our easiest pumpkin carved ever made. (minus the middle schooler who opted for an evening of video games and passing out candy at his friend’s house)

After the candy buckets were full and the kids were completely pooped out we fueled them with s’mores on the back patio of my parents house.  

Halloween 2014, thats a wrap!
Thank goodness. Now we can move into the real holidays!!

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