Wisdom from an unsuspecting 7 year old


If your one of my good friends, then at some point, I have had this great idea to do something for you.  To surprise you with a cup of coffee, or a little gift that reminds us of an inside joke.  Or maybe make you cinnamon rolls and deliver them to your doorstep.  Now if you think we’re good friends and have never received anything like that from me, don’t get mad.  We’re still good friends!  I just have this terrible problem with follow through on my great ideas.  I don’t quite know what it is.  Its usually due to my overcommitment issues, of trying to fit entirely too much into one day.  And then, when I remember to do it again, its usually 3 months down the road and that little “thank you” gift for whatever sweet thing you did for me, would just be a nice reminder that I didn’t thank you properly 3 months ago.  So then I forgo it completely.  Every. Year. Its on my list of things to improve on.  Every. Year.  Sigh.

I somehow had this little person who is literally the most giving thing I know.  She will give up her candy (and that is like $100 to her) to her older sister, just because she loves her.  She will give up her seat at the table to her brother who insists on sitting in the same seat at every meal.  I have an entire drawer full of notes from her telling me how much she loves me.  It means the world to me when she gives it to me with that little freckled face smile. She can create something out of nothing and has a specific person in mind the entire time she is creating it.  Last weekend, it was her teacher.  She found two duct tape rolls that were just left with their cardboard shells.  She worked her magic and had a super cute ghost container for her teacher.  Inside was some of her hard earned trick or treating candy – the good kind.  Her teacher had made mention how much she loved the little Snickers candy bars.  Karly was on it.  She’s got your back Ms. Work!

She amazes me.  She drops everything – and makes something special for the people she loves.  And its not a rarity, its a common practice for her.  Granted, she doesn’t have a house to clean or dinner to make, so she has some spare time.  But honestly, dinner can wait, and my house will most likely not see sparkling for 10 years. So I have decided, I’m taking lessons from my 7 year old.  Next time I have that great idea to do something for someone I love, I’m going to drop everything, and make it happen.

This week, when you think of something nice to do for someone you love, remember this cute little Ghost container and drop everything and make someone’s day!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy Wales says:

    I love your girls:)!


  2. soonergirl33 says:

    She is incredibly thoughtful! She has such a big heart and is always willing to help! I loved my ghost container with yummy treats! She is so creative! Thanks for making my day! Such a sweet girl!


  3. So convicting and inspiring… Thank you Amy! (and Karly) 🙂


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