New OKC Natural Grocers! I got the inside scoop!


Its Saturday. Ahhh. I love Saturdays. First thing this morning I hit the pavement for my last long training run till the Tulsa Half with my awesome friend Heather. Rewarded ourselves with a couple of lattes from Starbucks afterwards!

Then Andy and I headed to an insider event at the New Natural Grocers in OKC!  
Their regional manager, Patty gave us a rundown of what makes them different from other local grocers and they served some delicious brunch items.  My favorite was the Coconut water green tea lemonade.  
For starters, every store has a Certified  Health Coach. Jessica is our local health coach and she is a free resource to us (the consumer), there to answer any questions you have, provide you free one on one nutrition and supplement coaching, and teaches cooking classes.  She was super friendly!
Got a little Natural Grocers swag too!! 

They started in Colorado (seriously so many awesome things come from CO) as a family owned business. All their produce is organic. All their dairy products are soon to be from non confined animals. And they believe in making healthy foods affordably priced.  
One of the things that I will most definitely be taking advantage of is their free cooking classes! Can’t wait to try some of those. And their staff was amazingly friendly and knowledgable. Andy is the king if asking questions so I let him take the lead on that one. That’s him on the right asking lots and lots and lots of questions. 

The store was small, bright, and cheery. Call me shallow but I just can’t shop in a store where the atmosphere isn’t pleasant. (cough, wallmartimtalkingaboutyou, cough) Well, I can, but I’m bitter and cranky the whole time. And no one wants that.  

I just want to note that there are like 10 different varieties of apples here, calling out to you that they are just waiting to be baked in your oven in an apple crisp next week when the weather is in the 30’s (whaaaatt???)  
Check it out! You’ll be glad you did!! 7001 N May Ave. Thanks Natural Grocers! See you soon!

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  1. Great post. I love these smaller grocery stores…they seem so much more accessible and friendly. I get lost in the huge stores (ahem, Crest)


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