Winter haters…I still love you.

I can already hear the backlash from my warm blooded friends who feel all year should be sunny and 98 degrees.  But I just have to point out the amazing things about winter.  Someone has to stand up for it, and it shall be me.

Coffee. I just don’t understand those who don’t relish a cup of coffee in their hand, at any time of the day.  When your outside freezing for some reason, and your hands are warmed thanks to that mug, or red holiday Starbucks cup, it just feels right.  And if you preset your coffee pot to have a pot of fresh coffee when you roll out of bed and stumble into the kitchen…oh my goodness I so heart that.

Fireplaces. And why doesn’t the world want to sit in a room that is only lit by a fireplace?  Its what our ancestors did.  History people.  Put down the cell phone and watch the flames dance.  Its mesmerizing. Oh, unless you have those fireplaces that you turn on with the flip of the switch…I guess if you have one of those we can still be friends.  You are welcome to come over anytime and sit by mine.

Soup.  There are so many soup recipes out there.  And they are so easy to make!  Please don’t open a can of soup.  I promise to post recipes soon of our favorite soups.  Again…soup in the summer – eh.

Beanies. Alright.  This is just for the ladies.  Boys in Beanies.  I heart them.  Now There are really just 2 boys in beanies I heart, but I’m sure the men in your life look good in them too.  I can not resist Andy in a beanie. I think he wears them around the house sometimes claiming he’s cold, but he really knows my secret love for them.  And Carson gets absolutely annoyed when I shower him with kisses due to his beanie cuteness.

Hallmark Channel.  I’m a girl.  I can’t help it.  I could watch those Christmas movies 100 times.  And its a good thing because they do play the same ones over and over.  But we love them!!

Now if those aren’t 5 reasons for you to love winter, there is just no hope for you.  Just buckle down and pray your hot weather comes quickly.  But I’m going to be over here with my coffee by my fireplace eating soup, watching the Hallmark channel with my boys in their beanies.  Well….not that last part.  But still. You get my point.  LOVE WINTER!!!

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