Oh Santa…


We play the Santa game at my house.  I’ve only got 2 believers left.  And this year is a pivotal year for my 4th grader.  She’s toeing the line.  I tried early on to get my two youngest to write their letter to Santa, because, you see I was going to get all my Christmas shopping done by December 1st so I could kick back with some coffee and gaze at my tree the rest of the season.  While I made a valiant effort, it didn’t happen.  And the girls blew off the Santa letters so I was left to my own prying to figure out just what he was bringing this year.

And then there’s last night.  When I walked into the kitchen to see them with letters and pens and glue and glitter…..writing their letters to Santa.

Me: OOOoohhh, your writing letters to Santa huh
Them: yes
Me: Well I don’t know if you’ve given him enough time to get things now
Them: He’s got 2 weeks mom, and he’s Santa

I calmly walked back to the bedroom to promptly freak out saying to Andy “They’re writing letters to SANTA!  What are we going to do???  What if they don’t ask for what we are getting them????” He just looked at me.  I spun around with an “Ugh” and went back to the kitchen to see if I could sway their letters.  It didn’t work.  So I’m left with a decision.  Do I try to make their little dreams come true, this one last year for Neely, before the magic of Santa is gone, or do I just say “well,  your letter to Santa was late you know…?” come Christmas morning.  I’m going to kick back and look at the Christmas tree and drink my coffee and then decide.

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