The Nutcracker and some dress shoes

We had a weekend full of holiday cheer.  Two of the highlights were Neely’s piano recital and the Nutcracker.

My mom is a better shopper than me.  She asked me two weeks ago if I had a dress for Neely’s recital.  I was just sure I saw a fancy dress in the last batch of clothes we got from a cousin who has grown quickly.  “Yeah, I’m pretty sure we have something”.  Thursday night, 36 hours before the recital I’m digging in the girls closet…I don’t know where I dreamed up that dress but we did not have one.  So Friday after school I was whisking Neely off to a plethora of stores to find just the right dress.  And when your a girl, and you get a new dress, you have to get new shoes.  After 6 stores, and I am not exaggerating, we were empty handed on the shoes.  My frustration was evident when we arrived home.  Andy, shopper extrodinaire stepped in to finish the task and attempt the mall with her, which I had not been willing to do.  He was successful and I was relieved.  The recital went off without a hitch.

What do you buy for your 95 almost 96 grandmother for Christmas?  A ticket to the Nutcraker.  Sunday morning as we are all donning our holiday best I have a nice realization.  Karly has no dress shoes.  WHAT??? Dress shoes were the bain of my existence this weekend.  A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, so what did I do?  I skipped a portion of church in order to purchase some elegant shoes so Karly’s attire would be up to par for the ballet.  Nevermind they were too small.  She looked fabulous.  While I caught a few times of nodding off by GeeGee, I think she enjoyed the ballet. I know I did.

So here is what I need you to learn from this.  The Nutcracker is a great gift for your Grandmother who has absolutely everything and needs nothing.  And as soon as those fall dress shoes come out on the shelves in the fall, you make a day of dress shoe shopping with your daughters.

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