Christmas is over

Christmas 2014 has come and gone…sniff, sniff.  I’m sad to tell it goodbye, however, its time.  Our real Christmas tree is officially dead.  I look forward to vacuuming up all the fallen needles and then my vacuum smelling of pine for the next month when I use it.  That’s an added bonus of a real tree people don’t know about!  If your allergic, I’m so sorry.  I truly am.  Best thing about Christmas.  Team Real Tree!!

I’m pretty sure I could spend an entire post on all the sugary deliciousness I have indulged on.  What I don’t understand is that I’m completely 100% over sugar.  Yet every time I walk past that stocking shaped candy tray I grab another thing to eat.  So I took care of that today.  I put that stocking shaped tray away, and hid all that candy in the pantry.  Then I had this brilliant idea!  Andy’s cousin’s kids were over playing, and I knew they’d be getting hungry.  So I pulled out all that candy and left it on the table, along with a veggie tray, for good measure.  And thankfully, those kids helped clean up half of that candy.  AND THEN, I sent them home.  I’m terrible.  I know.  But I had to deal with the wrath of my own sugar overloaded kids so I didn’t really do anything beneficial except move some of that candy.

My next few days will be much like yours, I’m sure.  Taking down all those Christmas decorations we were so excited to put up.  Then looking at my empty living room and deciding I need something from TJMaxx to spruce it up.  I’ll be weaning myself and my children off sugar, which is never a pleasant task.  Pray for us all.  And then I’ll be looking towards the New Year, hoping I can do all those things I didn’t get to last year.  I think we finished strong this year.  This picture is proof.  And proof that I should have been a model and not an accountant.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brandon says:

    Ohmahgawsh, that pic is sooooo you guys! Great stuff… great stuff… And surely accounting firms need models, too, right?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this pic!

    April McCoy


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