Taylor Swift


Now I realize you might find that title on some tween or teen blog.  Even maybe a 20 something blog.  But since I’m dedicated to keeping all things real, I’m going to say it. I’m 39 years old and I heart Taylor Swift and her music.  If you know me at all, your not surprised.

Here’s the deal. I think we could be good friends.  I would thank her for dressing modestly 90% of the time.  We could go for a run, and I’d even stop for her, if she wanted to crash someone’s photo session during said run.  And I most definitely could give her some fuel for song lyrics, but alas, she has proven she needs no help from me.  Lets be honest.  The girl is brilliant.  She is not only writing songs that connect with most the world, she’s singing them too. I won’t condone all things Taylor, because well , no one’s perfect.  And I don’t want someone coming back to me and being like – you should have never promoted Taylor, listen to what she did! (But I don’t think that will happen, for the record) However, I am going to thank her for the jam sessions rocking our mini van with a 12 year old boy, plugging his ears while reading his book, and 2 little girls belting those catchy tunes at the top of their lungs, with their mom. Those are the things I want my kids to remember. Thanks for the soundtrack to the memories Taylor!

On another note.  This is an amazing mash up (I love that word) of two of her songs.  I can not stop listening to it. Enjoy!!

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