The middle finger

Sometimes I like to go to the store by myself, simply because I can get in and out as fast as I want.  And I don’t have to say “no” to the request to buy something 23 times. But Karly always wants to go with me and was very insistent she go on this errand.  So I gave in.  She is my talker.  The entire ride in the car is full of her sweet little voice telling me all she knows, very dramatically.  And while I love that sweet little voice, I find I tune it out a lot of the time.   Don’t tell her.  But today her topic of conversation had my attention.

K: Mom, is holding up this middle finger bad.

Here we go.  The middle finger conversation.

Me: well, it means something bad.  Why do you ask?  Did something happen at school?

K: well my friend had one hand over the other and asked me which finger she was holding up.  I said this one, and held up my middle finger and someone told me that was very bad and they were going to tell on me.  I mean, I didn’t know it was bad, I was just guessing what finger she had up.  I was wrong.

Me: Well, it does mean something bad, but its silly if you ask me, because really, how can holding a finger up be bad.  And your teacher wouldn’t have gotten mad at you because you were just guessing what finger your friend had up.

K: Yeah.  I mean, who would make up that this finger is bad (holding up finger).  Look at all those geese in the sky. (pointing with her middle finger. She continues to talk about our surroundings while dramatically using her hands, one with the middle finger pointed the entire time.) 

Me: Honey, while its silly that someone decided that middle finger was bad, lets not point with it all the time.

Lets hope she got that out of her system.

Glad we got that cleared up.

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