Its a big week for my family this week.  A week that could possibly change our lives.  My mom is having a tumor removed from her brain.  Its been 2 months of Dr’s appointments and uncertainty for her.  And the uncertainty will still remain for a couple of weeks after the surgery, until all the lab reports come back. This is the stuff that happens to other families.  Certainly not mine.

I went with her last week to the surgeon appointment.  Mainly because I needed to hear it all for myself, and of course to support her.  As that very young man, the one who was going to open up my mother’s brain, walked into the room, I felt a twinge of uneasiness.  He had to be younger than me.  I hold the utmost respect for anyone in the medical community.  The sight of blood makes me dizzy.  So I’m very thankful for them all.  But it’s still a little hard to put your faith in someone you don’t really know.  
He showed us the pictures of the MRI, and explained the white spot we could all see on the image of my mom’s brain.  As I listened to him explain, in all the medical terms that had to be interpreted, I found myself looking at his hands and thinking “those hands are going to be cutting into my mom’s brain”.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  He was leaning back in his chair, nonchalantly spewing all this information, that made him sound like he memorized a medical textbook.  But there was definitely a seriousness to his tone.  This is all in a day’s work for him.  He performs brain surgery multiple times a week.  Hearing him list the possible side effects made it all a somber reality for me.  
My mom is that mom who has a silent strength about her.  She’s been through things that forced her to develop that strength. She’s usually the first to force me to look at all my blessings when I’m focusing on the negative aspects of my life.  She’s put on a brave face throughout all of this.  But after that appointment we were all uneasy.  This is the time when a person’s faith comes into play.  We know we serve the God who is in control of all things.   And we will rely on that.   While there is a certain amount of comfort that comes from that, it doesn’t erase the magnitude of the situation.   
If you think of it, we’d appreciate your prayers for a safe surgery and 100% recovery for my mom.

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