A little bit of normal…

I have to first off say, we are overwhelmed with the support our family feels for my mom.  I can’t thank you all enough for  your kind words, texts, and prayers.

Sometimes things get so crazy you find yourself craving normal.  This happens to me after holidays, or company, or looming brain surgeries.  Last night was a  nice night of normal.  No practices or evening activities.  Dinner was easy and everyone was low key.  So I snapped a few shots of normal.

There is always a lego battle going on somewhere if Carson is home.  Looks like Captain America took a bad blow.  Along with the overturned SUV.

I must preface this picture of Neely with the fact that this isn’t really her normal.  She’s a master pesterer.  But when she tires of it, she retreats to some sort of fashion or music.

This is how you can find Karly 75% of her time at home.  Crafting.  I have to say the roll away drawer holder has revolutionized clean up.

We always try to snap pics of the major events in our lives.  I’m going to focus on snapping pics of the normal in ours.  Its so cliche’ to say “Don’t blink, they grow up so fast”.  But I can’t think of any other cliche’ I agree with more.   Except maybe “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Totally agree with that one.  And also “Hindsight is 20/20”.  I’ve wished I had hindsight about a million times in my life. Thats 3.  I guess maybe the reason cliche’s are cliche’s is because they are true.  Interesting.

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