Its the little things – Healthy Changes for your Family Part deux


Look!  I used my two years of French in High School in my title!

Back here I shared a few changes we’ve made in our family to live a little healthier.  I’m going to share a few more.  Because its important and I care about you.  Here we go.

  • Cut out Soda – Oh wait.  I already used this one.  But it is sooooo important.  Don’t start your day with a coke can in your hand!  In college, when I used to do this, I felt like such a rebel.  Having soda in the morning because my mom wouldn’t ever let me do it.  Now I’m my mother.  Your body needs something it can use as fuel.  And a can full of chemicals does not fit the bill.
  • Smoothies.  Some people just don’t like the taste of vegetables.  (Eyeroll) To them I say, time to visit Dr. Buckup.  But if your just can’t do it, or just can’t get your kids to do it, hide them.  Smoothies are the easiest way to hide all kinds of good stuff, like avocado, kale, wheat germ, flax seed, spinach, you name it!  Throw some leafy greens in with some vanilla greek yogurt, apple juice, bananas and berries.  My kids beg, I tell you, beg for smoothies.  
  • Coconut Oil  Coconut oil is something that has a million uses.  And with it being all natural,you can feel good about using it in everything.  We have gotten rid of the vegetable oil and replaced it with coconut oil.  It can withstand a higher heat so its a great substitute for butter. Eggs, popcorn,  cookies – whatever you normally use canola or vegetable oil for, you can substitute with coconut oil.  I even use it as eye makeup remover!
  • Ditch the Dyes  All those snazzy kids snacks with all those vibrant colors – artificial.  Colored applesauce – no thanks.  Blue anything except for blueberries, fake.  There have been links found between food dyes and behavioral problems in children.  Imagine that.
Small changes is all it can take sometimes.  Its the little things.  What are some healthy changes you have made for your family?  Post a comment – I might need to do it!
Happy Healthy Changes!

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