Who’s glass is this???

We all have those personality traits that might annoy those we live with.  At least I’m hoping thats the case.   I have this need for clean dishes.  I can’t stand for them to be sitting around after a meal.  A clean kitchen and dining room are my nightly goal.  I know this is genetic in my case.  My husband has had many a meal at my parents house where he has left his plate or cup only to come back and see that it is has been whisked off to the dishwasher before he was finished with it.  It happens often.  My mom calls it being efficient.  Andy calls it something else.

I also expect my people to clean up after themselves.  If they are at the age where they can do it, I expect them too.  Many hands make for light work.  Thats what I always say. And I’m all about light work.  Sometimes I have to remind them all of this.  So at lunch time today, when I realized there were still breakfast dishes on the dining room table, I politely asked them to stop what they were doing and put away their dishes.  Then I went on about my business.  An hour or so later I noticed there was still a half a juice glass sitting on the table and I asked them not so politely to please put away their breakfast glass, not knowing which of the 3 left it.  Later, when I noticed that glass was STILL sitting on the dining room table, I got ticked.  I called them all 3 in and we stood around the table and I said “WHOSE GLASS IS THIS?????”.  I heard 3 “not mine”‘s.  Well it has to be someone’s I said sarcastically.  Neely then says, “Mooooom, thats where YOU were sitting.  Thats YOUR glass”. 
I stood there and thought for a minute……whoopsie….that was my glass.  Insert apology to my children.

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