Family Game Morning….Afternoon….Evening.

I love me a good game night.  I have so many fond memories of being at my grandparents with popcorn, Coca Cola  in Tupperware cups and Skipbo cards.  So a few years ago, I decide I want to make this a regular thing at our house.  But I didn’t take a couple of things into consideration.  1.  I married someone who really does not enjoy playing games…This makes for frustrating couple game nights, when one part of the couple is crazy competitive and wants to win and then the other part of the couple is just trying to make it though the night.  And then 2.  Little kids and games where everyone isn’t a winner make for tempter tantrums, by both mom and child, and end with throwing cards and pieces, by both mom and child.  I’m sorry, I’m just not that parent that lets my kids win.  How will they get any better? Its my duty to prepare them. So I’ve postponed the family game night dream.

The weather had us gathered in our pj’s around the fireplace all day. I decided it was time to give it one more try.  Andy has graciously learned that I need to play games.  So he obliges when requested.  I began the game by saying ” Now, there are 5 of us.  4 of us are not going to win.  So chances are, that’s you.  Lets just enjoy playing the game and remember you will most likely be one of the 4 losers”.  Then I proceeded to teach them all Phase 10.  The thing about Phase 10 is that it takes a really long time to get through all 10 phases.  Especially when we have one player who insists on sitting on the exercise ball and can be found rolling around the living room when its her turn.  And when you have a player who likes to tease everyone by pretending to lay down her phase, only to say, ohhhhh, I don’t have it, and pick all her cards back up again.  And also when one player likes to really think through his  cards and ponder, and think, and ponder, and think.    It required a few breaks, which made it a day long event, and we have yet to finish all 10 Phases.
But I have to say, I am super pumped that no one threw the cards in anger, or was sent to their room, or was banished for life from the game.  We’ve turned a corner people.  It was a good weekend.

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