When I run, I always use the ap Runkeeper.  That way, I know how far I went, how many calories I burned, what my pace was.  So during my run, at every mile, the mechanical woman interrupts my music and lets me know how far I’ve gone and what my pace is.  Sometimes when I am running, I can not wait to hear that monotone voice, because that means I get a 15 second walk break.  But its bitter sweet.  Because lately, she’s been telling me how slow I am.  I then get annoyed, and make sure I pick up the pace, which might produce a side stitch and a lot of mental dialogue regarding my need to crank it up.  Its a love/hate relationship.  I need her, but I don’t ever like what she says.

So today, when I left to go for a run – I couldn’t use my Runkeeper Ap.  It looks like we have maxed out our data on our cell phone plan so for the next 3 days, its less cell phone usage for us.  This is actually a good thing, except when it comes to me relying on my monotone buddy to spew information in my ear as I suck wind.  So off I went, virtual friendless.  And a funny thing happened.  I actually enjoyed my run.  I had no idea how fast I went, I had no idea how far I went, I just …..went.  And it was freeing.

Sometimes the things we use impose expectations on us.   They become a crutch, or a habit.  Telling us we’re not going fast enough, or long enough, or we’re not good enough.  But really, who needs that in their ear all day?  I’m thinking I sure don’t.  We all have enough expectations put on us.  Many that are unnecessary.  Do Instagram and Facebook set expectations for you?  Taking enough vacations?  Having enough fun? Friends with the right people?  Do people in your life have expectations for you that your trying to meet?  Is there a reason you should?

I’m kind of tired of expectations.  I’m ready to enjoy the run.

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