I’m becoming one of those moms.  The ones who get all sentimental.  And it’s totally unlike me.  I am not that sentimental mom.  I love my kids dearly, but I am not going to cry and stuff about them hitting milestones.  However, 12 years has shaken me up a bit. He’s 12 and a half to be exact.  I’m reminded often.

He’s almost as tall as me.
He hangs out in his room a lot.
He’s texting girls.
He rides a skateboard.
He rolls his eyes at me when I think I’m funny.
He says things like “this song is my jam”
His voice is on the verge of changing…I can just feel/hear it.
He says things like “no paparazzi” when I try to take his picture.


He still plays with his legos
He wants me to lay with him at night so he can recap his day with me
He gives me lots of random hugs
He gave me a science lesson with his telescope the other night
He is making me super proud, and turning me into a teary eyed mom.

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