Keepin’ It Real

Here’s the thing about Just Finish Strong, the blog.  I am devoted to keeping all things real.  My life isn’t perfect, my kids aren’t perfect, I am definitely not perfect and my house does not look perfect.  So if your looking for that blog where things look perfect, move along.  But I’m guessing you probably already figured that out by now.  For those of you who are perfect, I commend you.  I will never join your ranks.

So, I guess I’m raising a girl who likes to keep it real, as well.  I received this note the other day.

Its true, I get all riled up and I yell.  I like to call it passion.  No one else does, but I do. But thank goodness for that girl I’m raising who keeps it real, by heaping on the guilt and the love, all at one time.  Thanks Karly…..?

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