The things you can learn on your run

Growing up in a single parent home, pets weren’t a priority.  But my mom listened to my sister and my pleas to get a parakeet.  Thus, I believe my love of birds was born.  O’Malley, our blue parakeet, was our buddy.  He slept in the room my sister and I shared, he ate dinner with us at the table, we spent hours playing with him.  Our favorite game was to get a hanger, O’Malley would dutifully get on, we would walk him all over the place, drop him off at certain stations, only to make him get back on for another ride.  He even said a few things like his name, sweet birdie, dirty birdie and your weird. I blame my sister, Traci for that last one.  We cried and cried when O’Malley died.  But then we got another bird.  I think we had 4 parakeets when it was all said and done.  Prince Ivory, and 2 whose names I can’t remember.  They weren’t ever as great as O’Malley.  RIP O’Malley.

I really like watching birds.  Not the birds in the WalMart parking lot (where do those terrible things come from???  They have no fear)   It will most likely be my retirement hobby.  My in-laws live on the side of a mountain and have a birdbath just below their deck.  This past summer Karly and I sat and watched the birds while identifying them in a Colorado Bird book they happen to have.  They have the most beautiful blue birds.  Mother/daughter bonding bonus.

Today’s bird business started on my way home from taking the kids to school.  There was the most beautiful yellow bird on a high wire at a stoplight.  I had to crane my neck to see it.  I enjoyed being stuck at the light for a bit.   My google searches have produced what I believe it to have been.

This, my friends is a Kingbird.
Then, on my run, I ran into not one, but 4 of these!  Just sitting on a fence.  I saw them twice!  They were chasing each other and having a good ole time.
This is a red winged blackbird.
Yet another reason to get out and run my friends. Ok, well, you don’t have to be running to see birds, but go with it.  I (We) just learned 2 new bird species.  The world is our classroom.  Cue music.

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