Summertime swag

I scored some summertime must have’s from the okcmomsblog.  And I thought I’d share them with you because who doesn’t love great summer stuff?  And it just feels wrong to keep good things to yourself.  So lets get started.

                                               Chaney’s Popcorn

Neely and I had this devoured in no less than 4 minutes.  We feel like we are popcorn connoisseurs, mainly because we are.  This got the thumbs up from us, obviously.  And for those who care, they are packed in snack sized servings.

Designs by Jamie
Some women love shoes, some women love jewelry, I love bags.  I would change my purse every single day if I could.  So this bag that is handmade by Jamie, will get a lot of use, and was the perfect thing for this bag obsessed girl.

Electric City Apparel
Who doesn’t love a t-shirt sporting some OK pride?  Enough said.

Fit Circle
There is something about drinking beverages (water) out of a cute glass/mug/bottle that makes me want to drink more.  And this stainless steel water bottle is a first of its kind at my house.  Its already gotten use.  They have a store full of fun, active accessories in Edmond

Goddess Garden Organics
If there is one thing I’m learning it is how many chemicals are in the things we put on and in our body.   So I’m super pumped to try this sunscreen that is all natural.  And the fact that it will most likely not make it a week because we heart sunscreen, means I will be purchasing a lot of this.

Head Country
The mere fact that The Pioneer Woman uses this as her BBQ sauce of choice should put it on your grocery list.  I don’t like their use of high fructose corn syrup but am willing to overlook it, a few times, because its that good, and its made just right down the road in Ponca City.

So I’m learning a lot about protein shakes.  I’m starting to use them and am excited to give this one a go.  And it claims to have 4 billion probiotics.  Who doesn’t need 4 billion more probiotics??

Lemon tree
Dove, you just can’t compete anymore.  We are on the natural soap bandwagon at our house.  They smell better, they feel better, and I’m not rubbing chemicals on my body.  This bar of soap smells divine made with essential oils and is made by a mom in Edmond who turned her hobby into a business.

Viva La Pies
I didn’t share this.  I ate it all by myself, because thats what moms have to do sometimes – sneak really good food.  And sometimes they do it before they get a good picture….whoopsie. These are made locally and would be a nice change from cake balls at showers.  Score one for the pie pop. (See group photo above)

Venture Pass
With my kids getting older – the local pool is most likely not going to cut it for our summer water fun.    This pass includes 7 local fun spots! At least I’ve got my summer pass.  Kids – I don’t know what your going to do..

Check these out and let me know what you think!  Time to start thinking about your summer swag!

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