See those two crazy kids?

We were so naive.  Babies!  We were babies when we got married 18 years ago today!!

I’m not one to pretend that everything is always perfect.  That doesn’t do anyone any good.  It has not been 18 years of marital bliss.  Andy and I had a lot to learn about ourselves and about each other.  And we most certainly didn’t know one thing about what it would take to be happily married.  Our journey has been sweet and rewarding at times, and there have also been some very dark days, that I didn’t think we had the strength, as a couple, to climb out of.  But here we are today, a married couple who works hard at being the people we know God wants us to be, and working on the relationship we have seen Him restore.

You may have a marriage that is perfect, and if that is the case, my words will not resonate with you.  But if you don’t, I want you to hear these words.  Don’t quit.  Even though you want to.  Don’t quit.  There is a God who is bigger than anything, who can love you both through your mistakes, insecurities, failures, and selfishness.  He can fix anything that is broken.  We were broken.  Our relationship was broken. And when you come out on the other side, you’ll take each other’s hand and say, I am so glad I’m doing this thing called life with you.

Andy, I’m so glad I’m doing this thing called life with you.  You call me out when I need to be called out.  You love me when I am unlovable.  You have fun with me when I need to have fun.  You fist bump me after every run.  You fix the doors that I slam when I’m mad.  You work hard to support your family.  You gave me 3 amazing children. Your getting hotter with age.  I love you babe.


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