Getting our summer on

Its officially the first week of summer for us!  Not setting my alarm is what I am most excited about.  So the night before the first day of summer, I let the kids stay up late and I went to bed with the happy thought that my body would wake on its own, when it was ready.  When my kids were up at 7am – their school wakeup time, I was not amused.

That was the start of one very, long, first day of summer.  There was a lot of technology usage, a lot of refereeing, and a whole lot of annoyed people.  When Carson took a chunk of the wall out by pulling the vacuum by the cord, when Karly used the new expensive hand soap for her bath, and when we realized we had over $50 in library fines as a family to start the summer, I declared that I needed tomorrow to come quickly because we seriously needed a redo.

There is nothing like the start of a new day.  With new rules in place for technology usage, and a nice long list of chores, Day 2 went much smoother.  I’m getting paid $1 per participant for those who need my referee services and technology time will be earned.  And when there seems to be too much energy for the room, a mandatory 15 minute family jumping session on the trampoline is the cure.   We’ll see how long this lasts…

Hooray for summer!

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