Humidity, spitting, and my serious lack of motivation.

I’ve got this problem, here in the month of May.  Its called exercise motivation.  I have none. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  For someone who prides themselves (that is my first problem, pride goes before a fall, Amy), in self motivation and challenging oneself, this is a large blow.  Its been raining, and raining and raining.  I like to run in the rain.  But this has been some serious rain flooding streets that don’t normally flood.  So I thought it in my best interest to stay inside.

3 weeks later, there is an end in sight to the rain, and I haven’t run once.  So after a harsh mental lecture, at 1pm I hit the road.  72 degrees and 75% humidity – I have no idea what I was thinking.  I’m a morning, cool weather runner.  I made sure I didn’t go far, because well, what if I didn’t make it?  There were a lot of things wrong with this run.  The fact that I was breathing air I could cut with a knife maybe?  But I had some serious spitting problems.  Sometimes, to distract myself during a run I practice spitting.  Because that’s an art you know.  And you most definitely need to be able to propel with force and accuracy in races.  But today, my spitting was crazy off.  I spit on my shoulder, not once, but twice. Yes I was the girl running with the trail of saliva flinging over her shoulder, twice.  With that nonsense, I headed home.  
When I rounded the corner the neighborhood children, half of whom were mine, were riding bikes.  They begged to go with me, and since I had only gotten a whopping 2 miles in, we hit the half mile loop twice.  I’d say I finished strong, thanks to the 6 children circling me on their bikes.  Sometimes your run stinks.  And sometimes it’s amazing.  Here’s to finding that next amazing run.  Clink.

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