It’s Nation Running Day!  Did you run today?

I think it deserves a My Top 10 Favorite things about running list.
1.  When I run by myself, I always win.
2.  I have a reason to buy new shoes every 6 months.
3.  If I’m ticked, I can “run it out” and I usually have a new/better perspective when I’m done.
4.  It gives me energy.
5.  It reminds me I need nothing but to keep putting one foot in front of the other and I will get to where I want to go.
6.  I get to enjoy the outdoors.
7.  Playlists.
8.  Its a good example for my kids to get out and stay healthy.
9.  I like to wear visors.
10. It’s contributed to the better version of Amy.
Get out and run!
Here’s to my favorite running partner and my favorite running shoes.
Happy Running!!

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