Homemade Pie Crusts – I dare you

Thanksgiving = pies.  And all pies are not created equal.  I’ll admit I was scared of the homemade pie crust.  It’s daunting.  But once I got it – there is no going back.  And I want you to know you can do it too!!!  So for those who have procrastinated and are supposed to take pie to Thanksgiving tomorrow, I dare you to try it yourself!  You’ll be glad you did.  Because homemade everything is always better.

The easiest and most foolproof pie crust is right here, by my imaginary BFF Ree, The Pioneer Woman.  Here are some tips that will help make your pie crust making much smoother.

  • Use ice cold water.  I mean put ice in the water so it is as cold as it can be.
  • The less you work the dough, the lighter and fluffier it is.  If you roll it out over and over, you will have one very hard pie crust
  • The best pumpkin pie recipe is on the back of the pumpkin can.  No lie.
  • If you’re rolling out your crust on some sort of mat, place your pie plate upside down on top of your dough, slide your hand underneath the mat, and quickly flip over.
  • The prettiest pie crusts are the most imperfect looking ones.
On a personal note – my pecan pie recipe is one my Great Grandmother O’Hara used.  Nothing is more nostalgic than this right here – the recipe written in her handwriting, with a note from my mom on the bottom.   Knowing this has been made for 4 generations makes it even more special and that right there makes my pecan pie taste even better.  If you don’t have anything like this, feel free to adopt mine!!

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