Beauty and destruction

The weather in Oklahoma is something of a phenomenon.  We had 60+ degrees this week, and woke up to ice coating absolutely everything today.  I realize that ice causes things like downed power lines, and limbs from old trees to be separated from their trunks. And all of that makes me sad.  But the beauty of it is mesmerizing.  And when my kids wanted to go outside and play in it, I didn’t feel like I could deny them the fun.  I loathe the fact that my house has no real trees on the property.  Today would be the only day I’m glad I didn’t after I saw car windows broken, streets blocked, and curb appeal changed by downed branches.  But I still couldn’t get past the beauty.









I know, not the best parenting move allowing them on the trampoline…..


The beauty….


I hope your warm and cozy tonight.  I hope your favorite old tree withstood the weight of the ice.  I hope you took a moment to just stare at the beauty and you thanked God for the amazingness.

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