Tree ‘O Memories


The Christmas tree, the centerpiece of our festivities for the month of December. It’s a big deal at our house the night of the tree decorating. We eat good food and all do it together as a family. Our tree isn’t fancy or color coordinated. Maybe someday it will be. But the fun we have pulling out each ornament and remembering when and where we received them as we hang them on the tree trumps beauty.  I’m going to share a few of my favorites with you.


Andy’s great aunt Evelyn painted this for us when we first got married. She has since passed away but we remember her each year when we hang this special ornament. 
This is Karlys ornament from Mothers Day Out. The day they took this picture was the day her eardrum burst from an ear infection when I picked her up and I had terrible mom guilt for leaving her there all day when she was sick. 
This cowboy ornament was won at a spirited ornament exchange party. It was the coveted ornament. My competitive gene just might have taken over. 
These are all of my kids when they were at My Lambs Preschool. The are all the same age in these.  Sniff Sniff.

Because I keep it real here at JFS.  I’ll only slightly mention how one of our vehicles broke down (for the second time this month) on tree decorating day, so our take out food for our festivities was cold and then Andy was reading the repair manual while I was yelling at him to put it down and HANG ORNAMENTS ON THE TREE!!  
May you have many December evening with a hot drink and a roaring fire while your tree does it’s thing.

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