If you read it on the internet, it’s true

I know a couple of people who think if you read it on the internet it’s true.  I hate to break it to them – it’s not.

But a certain responsibility comes with blogging.  I want what I put on the internet to be true.  And while I love sharing things with my “readers”, always vowing to keep it real, I don’t put everything out there.  I feel like I just might need a smidgen of accountability so here goes….I just signed up for a full marathon.  And I’m going to do it.  So now that I’ve put it in writing, it has to be true.  Who wants to join me??

I wanted to do something big while I was 40.  And the thought of running 26.2 miles consecutively scares me.  Like makes me want to puke scares me.  Like makes me want to cry scares me. And so that is why I have decided to do it.  And while I’m not Tony Robbins, I want this small space on the internet to be inspiring.  So lucky you – I’m going to chronicle my training!  Those of you who don’t run are now moving on to the next blog, and that’s ok.  But for the few of you who might care, I hope it’s inspiring, because I plan on doing it. And I plan on crying because I think it’s so hard.  And I plan on being proud because I did it.  So really, even if you don’t run, you can still glean some nuggets hopefully regarding setting out to attain a seemingly unattainable goal.

Today was my first training run.  6 miles.  Not a huge feat, but when you haven’t run 6 miles in awhile it rattles the nerves a bit.  I have chosen to do my long runs with a local running group.  And when 100+ people showed up this morning (by my estimation, don’t quote me on that) – I decided that was a good decision.  It took me 4 miles to settle into a rhythm – which is far too long.  Basically I wasn’t hating it by 4 miles.  Probably because most of the time I was like – are you really doing this Amy?  Are you really going to do this?? But running with someone I’ve never run with was a nice distraction as well!  So the 6 miler is in the books.  The coffee truck at the end of the run was my favorite part.  And then I promptly headed to the donut shop to treat the fam once they woke from their warm cozy beds.

Week 1 – check.  Only 16 left to go…..freaking out emoji face.

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  1. LinnyD says:

    You. Are. Awesome! You got this girl!! Can't wait to read ALL about your journey!!


  2. Amy says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


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