Marathon training Lesson #1

It is week 2 of Marathon training and I have already learned a lesson the hard way, of course. Because that is my style – to learn lessons the hard way.

Lesson #1 :  Do not, under any circumstance, even if it’s snowing and sub freezing temperatures, miss your Saturday long run.
I was watching the weather like a hawk all day Friday.  It didn’t look pretty.  Snow and temperatures in the high 20’s.  I’m a self proclaimed cold weather runner.  But I think that 30 degrees is my cold weather running limit.  So I told my running accountability buddies that I was “tentative”.  Their responses were – ok – but we’re still in.  I sighed and thought, really Amy?  You’re the wimpy one.  So I decided I was going.  But when 5:45am rolled around, and I pried myself out of my warm cozy bed to stumble into the bathroom, I succumbed.  That warm cozy bed was calling my name.  And I was feeling under the weather so really, I didn’t need to be out in those cold temperatures – right?!?!?  I would be putting my health in jeopardy. So back into my bed I dove – with the minute thought that I had to figure out how I was going to squeeze in 8 miles over the weekend.
Now in a new turn of events, Andy is joining me in running the full. This was decided when both of his brothers and his cousin from out of town decided to join me.  His older brother kindly pointed out that he would most likely not live down the fact that his brothers, cousin, and wife were all doing it, and he wasn’t.  So the annoying thing is he jumps right into training, without a solid running base – gasp! #heshowsmeupeverytime.
The weekend was not enjoyable because I had 8 miles hanging over my head.  We decided it had to be done Sunday afternoon.  So instead of laying on the couch and dozing off to football – we were pounding the pavement.  The weather was nice, no wind and cold.  But I had to wonder if it would have been better to endure the freezing cold miles early Saturday morning to trade for a weekend free of worry. Izzy came along – her longest run yet – and could have probably gone 8 more.  But I have learned my lesson.  As Andy and I headed to the car, he said “We are going to do that, 3 times.  What are we thinking???”  And I had to agree.  Why do people sign up to do this?  Why did I sign up to do this???
But I have learned a lesson. These fake smiles you see below prove it.  I will never again, miss my Saturday morning long run.


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